LED Lighting

LED lighting is an ever changing technology. At the Manawatu Lighthouse we are well informed of the latest releases, and the capabilities of these ever changing LED light sources.

We are well prepared to show you all the different types of LED and how the right product can create a brilliant ambience and the correct result for your home, office and out door areas. These include LED downlights, replacement LED lamps for wall lights or pendants, LED floor lights and spots.

LED lighting can often look bright at the source, but not travel distance well, we are aware of the overall results and can direct you to the product that will suit your application.

A correctly designed LED Lighting design will offer you many maintenance free years of low cost lighting, so call into the showroom and we can discuss your requirements and give you the right products for any application.

Click below to contact us and discuss LED lighting options for your home or business.

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LED Exterior Lights

Anodised Aluminium step lights - perfect for marine areas with no corrosion.

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Manawatu Lighthouse LED lightsManawatu Lighthouse LED lightsManawatu Lighthouse LED lights