Dimslim - LED Alcove Lighting

The Dimslim system of alcove lighting is a great new addition to the Lighting market, and can create an unparalleled level of flexible ambient light to your living areas.

The Dimslim works by running LED strip lights in a small alcove or on a bulkhead that runs along a desired wall of the room, and uses reflective technology to provide seamless illumination that eliminates dark spots and shadowing caused by standard lighting fixtures.

By using LED Lighting technology, the Dimslim is an efficient source of lighting, and is able to be controlled by remote through the full light spectrum, to produce everything from an intimate candle light with the tones of a sunset, to the brightness of direct sunlight at full strength.

  • dark spot free
  • instant starting, quiet and flicker free
  • very efficient with low power consumption using LED's
  • full light spectrum 2000k - 8000k
  • remote or wall mounted controller
  • invisible light source with alcove mounting

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Manawatu Lighthouse Dimslim

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Manawatu Lighthouse DimslimManawatu Lighthouse DimslimManawatu Lighthouse Dimslim
Warm white - 3000kNatural White - 4000kDaylight - 6000k
Manawatu Lighthouse DimslimManawatu Lighthouse DimslimManawatu Lighthouse Dimslim