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Are you thinking of building a new home or completing renovations?

Then one of your first steps should be to stop by, or contact Manawatu Lighthouse to discuss what a FREE Lighting Design could do for you.

Manawatu Lighthouse Design

At Manawatu Lighthouse we can work with you to design the perfect FREE Lighting Design for your new home or Renovations. Take advantage of our experienced Sales Consultants and huge range of quality light fittings from suppliers around the world.

  • Huge range of exclusive light fittings
  • FREE Lighting Design including plans and pricing
  • Cutouts and fitting notations for Electricians and tradespeople
  • Working with you to find a style to suit your home and budget
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in lighting style and technology

A lighting design is an integral part of your building plan, and can really make a home come together. It is vital to ensure that the right type of light goes in the right place, and can be a complicated process when looking at a mix of pendants, wall lights or recessed lighting. A well put together lighting design can really show off your home and imagination, and create desired atmospheres or features, while also having a huge impact on the valuation of your largest asset.

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Why is a professional lighting plan so important?

The design process for a new build or renovations is always a long one, if you think of all the time that you have spent putting together the colours and textures of your curtains, carpet and cupboards. Lighting is one area that is often left till last, and generally not as well thought through.

Every choice you make for your home will be affected by the type of lighting you choose and the arrangement of those lights. At Manawatu Lighthouse we take into consideration a whole array of parameters, including mood or task of the room, lumen output, ceiling height, beam angle, power consumption and unique positioning of the lights.

The adaption of a professional lighting design can make or break your overall effect on how everything in your home appears, and most of all how it feels to those living in it.

Manawatu Lighthouse Design

Lighting Design

    Manawatu Lighthouse Design